Trump rivals hunker down for the indictment primary


The 2020 presidential election is heating up as President Trump faces off against multiple rivals in the “indictment primary”. With everyone from former Vice President Joe Biden to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren to independent candidate Howard Schultz vying for the top spot on the ticket, it's an interesting race to watch.

The indictment primary has become a key component of the election process and Trump's rivals have had their eyes on it since early on. From Joe Biden's ongoing investigation into his son Hunter's business dealings to Elizabeth Warren and her personal wealth tax proposal, they've all been preparing for this moment. Trump has been under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and other federal entities for years now, which has put a spotlight on his rivals' plans to take him down in 2020. It remains to be seen who will win out in this critical aspect of the indictments primary race - but one thing is certain: there's no shortage of scrutiny when it comes to Donald Trump and his rivals' plans for

The upcoming election season is likely to be a pivotal one for President Donald Trump. As the 2020 presidential race begins to heat up, it appears that Trump's rivals are hunkering down for an indictment primary — a battle to find out which candidate can bring charges against the president first. With Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation and the possibility of further indictments on the horizon, this is sure to be an intense fight between those who want to challenge Trump in 2020.

It's the political showdown we've all been waiting for - the indictment primary. All of President Trump's rivals are hunkering down and preparing to battle it out in court. The stakes are high as they seek to prove their innocence and paint Trump as a threat to democracy. As the country braces itself for a tumultuous legal process, it remains to be seen who will come out on top in this political drama. Trump is facing numerous allegations of corruption, money laundering, and obstruction of justice, making this trial one of the most important cases of our time. With both sides determined to come away victorious, one thing is certain: this indictment primary will be an intense battle for truth.

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