You Can Now Comment Or Reply With GIFs On Instagram Posts - Here's How To Do It

We just got a major WhatsApp update yesterday. And like any other social app, the team behind Instagram is introducing new features that make the social platform easy and fun to use. In fact, in most cases, you’ll find most of Facebook’s features inside the Instagram app.

But while Facebook allows users to reply and comment with GIFs in posts, Instagram only allowed you to reply to posts with emojis or texts. Well, now things are changing for the social platform. Yes, you can finally reply or comment on posts with GIFs.

How to Reply or Comment with GIFs on Instagram Posts

It looks like Instagram wants users to be a little livelier in the comment sections. And even if you can’t (yet) use images, it is now possible to use GIFs. In fact, replying with GIFs is nothing new for the social platform. But you could only do that for stories.

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So how do you comment or respond with GIFs on Instagram posts? Well, first of all, you need to be on the latest version of the app. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and check for updates.

Once you’ve updated your Instagram app, go to a post’s comments area. There, the new UI will show you a “GIF” option. When you tap on it, you will be presented with preset GIFs and a search bar.

In the search bar, you can type a keyword to find a particular GIF. Or, you can just tap Suggested GIFs. And that will be about all. The process is as easy as commenting with GIFs on Facebook.

Instagram GIF Comment

Don’t see the GIF option? Well, the initial rollout of this Instagram feature is quite limited. So, it may take a few weeks for the feature to come to all users.

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