Nubia Z50 Ultra will feature a 4th Gen sub-display

Under-display cameras have become one of the toughest problems for the tech industry to solve. Tech companies are having a hard time making this technology work to consumer satisfaction. This is because the cameras work best when the lenses are clear of any form of object. This concept was the main challenge of the under-screen cameras since they were under the screen.

Companies have done their best to implement this feature, but it seems too far from the perfection of actual camera cutouts. Most users who buy phones with these technologies usually do so when the phone has a secondary selfie camera. Examples of such phones include foldable smartphones. There are other non-foldable smartphones with this technology but most of them are gaming centric smartphones. Users who opt for such phones basically opt for its gaming powers and nothing else.

Perfecting under-display cameras is a huge challenge than most users think. However, smartphone users need it, so manufacturers need to find a way to make it work like a normal front camera. After all, without users, these companies cannot operate or manufacture new products. While some manufacturers may not be too focused on this technology, others are also working to make it very usable for their fans.

ZTE will perfect the under-display camera in the Nubia Z50 Ultra ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra

A very good example of companies that have taken the under-display camera feature to heart is Chinese tech giant ZTE. The Chinese phone maker has been in the under-display camera business for quite some time now, especially when it comes to its gaming smartphones. The company showcased this technology in its latest gaming smartphone, the Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro and its predecessor, the Red Magic 7 Pro. Now, the company wants to bring even better under-display camera technology to its flagship devices.

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Ni Fei, President of Mobile Devices at ZTE, revealed that the company is currently planning to announce its latest flagship, the ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra. He said the device will feature 4th generation under-display camera technology. In a post on Weibo, he went on to explain that ZTE has been in the smartphone business for over a decade. The new ultra device will have a new solution that has been in development for more than six years, he said. He also added that the new technology will be Nubia’s greatest achievement.

Details of the ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra

This flagship device will take over from the Nubia Z40 Ultra released last March. It will also be Nubia’s first flagship device to feature under-display camera technology. Digital Chat Station has released a sketch of the device which shows flat sides with sharp edges. It also has a large camera bump with the main sensor positioned on the left. Along with the launch date, we expect Nubia to launch the device around March this year since its predecessor was launched around the same date. Nubia Z50 Ultra

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