A cool iPhone feature for wireless headphones has been stolen by Android-

After iOS, whose users have been able to quickly switch sound sources wirelessly for several years, Google Android will also receive similar functionality. With Fast Pair-enabled headphones, you no longer need to dig into Bluetooth settings to transfer headphones from smartphone to tablet and vice versa, according to Google in its blog post.

As the number of devices I use throughout the day increases; buying more earphones per device is not a practical solution, and manually managing earphone connections was a time-consuming process. We introduce our audio switching technology which reduces frustration and gives you more control over your audio experience; to help you switch between devices throughout the day.

Google will add the ability to quickly switch between wireless headphones on Android devices

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Fast Pair technology allows you to quickly connect Bluetooth headphones to Android devices; without the need for additional settings. Google decided to extend the capabilities of this feature by adding quick switching between them – for example, if you want to watch a movie on your tablet instead of music on your phone.

Fast Pair is a feature that lets you easily find and pair your wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Android phones. and tablets, then save them to your Google account. Your headphones will also sync immediately with all your other Android devices for easy setup.

Unlike Apple, Google won’t limit the Fast Pair feature to its own brand of headphones. It will debut on the previously announced Pixel Buds Pro TWS headphones; which should go on sale next week, but later compatible counterparts from Sony and JBL will appear. Automatic switching of sound sources will be performed in the order of priority set by the user. For example, if its value for a tablet is higher; then the headphones will no longer switch to the phone. And you still need to set the priority in the settings.

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