Munich - Olympic City and Cultural Metropolis


Magnificent boulevards, world-famous museums, old and new architecture, lots of greenery - Munich is

 all this and much more. If you like, you can walk through the city from north to south, discover its charming, exciting neighborhoods or get a taste of Olympic flair at the summer events around the Olympic lake and trace the "spirit of 1972" at the numerous other anniversary events.

The 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Olympics is a great occasion to experience great sports or to get active in sports yourself, and also to discover and enjoy the cultural richness of Munich and the special charm of its neighborhoods. Whether it's a tent-roof tour that takes you over the edge of the stadium roof or an exploration of the Olympic Park in the Rischka, whether it's a visit to the European Championships in August or a visit to the new Volkstheater in the Schlachthofviertel, whether it's a stroll through Haidhausen or the Olympic Village - throughout the city and throughout the year there are numerous cultural events, special guided tours, museum exhibitions and new highlights to pique your curiosity. Have fun discovering!

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