Here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy

Working for hours on a computer screen can be stressful on the eyes. In this time of epidemic, people have increased their use of electronic devices for work, school and social networks. This creates a condition that negatively affects eye health. So here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy.

Palming is an ancestral technique of Ayurveda. It provides instant relief to the eyes. First put your palms together and rub vigorously. Close your eyes and place warm palms over your eyes. Make sure your palms are cupped to avoid putting pressure on your eyelids.

Slowly take a deep breath and exhale through your nose. Do this for about two to three minutes. The best time to practice palmistry is before bed at night. This will increase the quality of sleep.

Dip one end of a cotton ball or cotton ball in warm running water, pausing between coats to allow them to dry. Sit with your eyes closed for about five minutes. This will provide immediate relief to the eye from any discomfort.

Among the elements, the eye is associated with light and fire. Therefore, the water used for bathing should be neither too hot nor too cold to maintain good eye health. Instead, Ayurveda recommends keeping it warm. Bathing in good hot water creates an imbalance in the fire element.

Try to read from the right distance and in the right light. Do not use a cell phone or laptop in a dark room. Wear safety glasses and a helmet when traveling. Rinse eyes regularly.

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