HARD HAND! Nayib Bukele denounced that the gangs in El Salvador are evolving towards

HARD HAND! Nayib Bukele denounced that the gangs in El Salvador are evolving towards “a 

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, denounced that the country’s gangs “are trying to evolve into a guerrilla” with the help of international organizations, certain NGOs and the Salvadoran opposition.

“Arrests of gang members are increasingly taking place in clandestine camps in rural areas. It is clear that the gangs are trying to evolve into a guerrilla, since it is impossible for them to confront our agents and troops in urban areas,” Bukele wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday.

“This ‘evolution’ is taking place under the aegis of international organisations, [las] NGOs and the opposition, which give them legal, media, political and financial coverage,” he added in another tweet, noting that he will not allow such a development. The police and the armed forces “ dismantle three to four camps a day” in rural areas, and “in each of them they find weapons, drugs, money, communication equipment, extortion documents and, of course, gang members, who, in almost all cases, they open fire” against the police, he continued.

“In 1992, the war did not end”

During the event to present his third year in office report to Congress, held last week, Bukele assured that El Salvador is “on the verge of winning the war against gangs”. that until recently “many thought it was impossible”.

“In three years, we took their authority away from the ruling power and gave it to the Salvadoran people as I promised,” he said to a standing ovation. “In 1992, the war [civil salvadoreña] It didn’t end, it just changed shape.” He blamed the decades of violence on “the political and business elite”, lousy health and education systems and “public policies designed for the private benefit”, which caused the rise of the gangs, turning it into a “monster”.

The president also attacked organizations that denounced human rights violations by the security forces during the emergency regime, decreed last March, and stressed that now El Salvador “is a sovereign country and that he will make the “right” decisions for the benefit of Salvadoran society.


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